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Britain’s Top Doctors

Professor Kefah Mokbel is featured in Britain’s Top Doctors Directory issued in The Times Magazine on 13th November 2010:

About Professor Kefah Mokbel ‘Expert in breast disease from cancer to cysts, and founder of the charity Breast Cancer Hope, responsible for raising millions for breast cancer care. Currently the Lead Surgeon at the London Breast Institute at The Princess Grace Hospital, consultant breast surgeon at St George’s, London, and Professor of Cancer Surgery at the Brunel Institute of Cancer Genetics and Pharmacogenomics, with more than 150 papers and 10 books published for postgraduate education.’

The recent Times Magazine Directory has created a list of around five doctors in each speciality ranging from microsurgery and plastic surgery to urology and mental health. Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon, Professor Mokbel, was selected as one of Britain’s Oncology Surgeons in the recent article.

The Times has formed a comprehensive list, aiming to cover the majority of specialities. A number of factors should be taken into account before specialists claim to be at the top of their game; diagnostic skills and clinical outcomes of course are very important, however, each patient judges their doctor’s bedside manner based on their rapport building skills, such as empathy and dedication.