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In partnership with Myriad Genetics, The London Breast Institute has introduced a new multigene assay known as 'EndoPredict' in order to enhance the personalised breast cancer care at the Princess Grace Hospital and HCA.

Commending on the new test, Professor Kefah Mokbel; The Lead Breast Cancer Surgeon at the LBI stated:

'There is a level I evidence showing that the multigene assay is an independent prognostic parameter in patients with ER-positive, HER-2 negative breast cancer. Patients with a low EndoPredict score can be safely treated with endocrine therapy as the only adjuvant systemic treatment, therefore, they can be spared chemotherapy. The level of evidence regarding its independent prognostic role is similar to that of Oncotype DX. However, EndoPredict an be performed on-site resulting in a faster result and a lower cost for the patient. It also has the advantage of dividing tumours into two categories: low and high thus avoiding the intermediate group or grey zone of characterisation, which can create anxiety and dilemma to both the oncologist and the patient. Furthermore it can be reliably used in selected node positive patients'